4 Summer Styles To Copy Now To Look Stellar!

4 Summer Styles To Copy Now To Look Stellar!

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Hey Girl! Hey!! Summer isn't around the corner anymore, IT HAS ARRIVED! Summer is one of our favorite seasons here at TFTS! We love the bright colors & super stylish outfits! This week, I have found 4 MUST-HAVE items for your summer style to succeed! Copy these looks & we promise you will look stunning from head to toe!

1. Everyone needs a stylish swimsuit coverup! These coverups are a staff favorite & a necessity for summer! We have 3 colors, but select colors are already selling out! We love the embroidered detail & the cute fit. Wear these on the beach & let the breeze make you feel beautiful. Click HERE to grab yours before they're gone!

2. Pom-Poms are TRENDING! We are in love with anything fun & cheerful and pom-poms definitely make us smile! This super stylish trend has celebrities spending hundreds of dollars to look unique! Instead of breaking the bank, you can grab one of our tops for only $42!! Grab this FUN fuchsia by clicking HERE! Don't miss out on this perfect piece! 

3. Fringe is all the rage for the summer season! Feel flirty & fun in these fringy tops! Do these trends take you back? Lol! Yes girl, all the styles always come back around & fringe is no different. Make sure you look summer ready in these stylish summer tunics! These are perfect swimsuit coverups too! Can't decide on which color? Just grab both! Click HERE to get yours!! 

4. Your outfit can't be complete until you find the perfect beach bag! Our beach bags can make any outfit look flirty & fun! If your tired of looking cute & then realizing that your bag is bland... we have the perfect solution! Make sure you grab one of the cutest totes around for only $16! We promise, no one can beat that price for these totally trendy totes! Click HERE to browse & buy! 

I hope you enjoyed these totally trendy summer styles! We won't be surprised if all of these beauties sell out, so hurry & grab yours today! Ladies, have a great start of summer & i'll talk to you soon!

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