Check Mate!

Check Mate!

Check... and Mate! Anything plaid, anything check, you can count me in!! It's definitely the pattern of the season and we are A-OKAY with that. It's one of those patterns that won't ever go out of style. Here are a few of our favorites this season.


I love this ombre trend right now with button-up plaid tops. It sets the mood and gives you kind of that "I'm here and not messing around" look! This top looks SO good with some leather leggings or just throw on your favorite jeans and rock that look!

Shop this plaid top here.


One thing I probably have way too many of in my closet are vests. They're the easiest things to pair with a basic and just throw on and head out of the house. It's one of those things that are so effortless and makes it look like you've got it together (even when you're on your fifth cup of coffee).

Shop this plaid vest here.


Okay, listen up. When my two favorite things are combined into one it will literally MAKE my day! Plaid AND dusters?! Yes, please!!!! I think I'm a little partial to which I like most but y'all... This burgundy is to die for!! 

Shop these dusters here.


I can't get over this top!!! I'm not exaggerating with all those exclamation points, I pinky promise. As Taylor Swift puts it: "We were in screaming color". If this top doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will. I can't get enough of plaid, ombre tops, they're so fun!

Shop this top here.


I don't think I have to say much about this one but "WOW". This is double the trouble... This can be worn as a dress or open as a duster... If you need that piece to make a statement in your wardrobe, here it is. You're welcome. I'm officially obsessed. *Insert heart emoji here*

Shop this here.



OH, okay! There's nothing I love more than a statement piece and that's just what this does! It'll turn all the heads and make you want to wear this every day. (Okay, maybe not every day but I think you're picking up what I putting down).

Shop this top here.


Oh heavens, yes!!! This plaid asymmetrical cardigan has it all baby girl. This color is so rich, you'll want to wear it everywhere. It will definitely get you out of all those basic colored cardigans you have and into something NOT so basic! 

Shop this cardigan here.


So, I guess what I'm trying to say is this... Have fun with your wardrobe! Fashion isn't supposed to be boring, it's supposed to be creative and express who you are. Checkered and plaid patterns are one of my favorite ways to do just that!

See you next time, B <3

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