The Guide To The Boss Babe Look.

Hey all you boss babes out there.. YES I'm talking to Y-O-U! 

We all want to look great & feel FIERCE in what we're wearing right?! Here's a couple tips from our team.

You work hard, put everything into what you do & your clothes should reflect how sharp, intuitive and stunning you are!

Are you ready? Here we go. 

Let's start with this business chic ensemble. The pop of color really makes a statement. Pair the bright color and bold textured velvet  top with a blazer, sassy earrings, and favorite pair of slim fitted jeans, jeggings or slacks. This makes the look polished and gives a tailored finish while still allowing personality to shine through. Some chic flats finish off the look by flashing some ankle. Dark colors with a bright pop of color are playful, edgy & totally TRENDY. Dark makeup with a red lip that matches the top tie up the look. 

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Three things: Floral. Girly. Chic.

Own the room in this outfit. It's a total YES for us. This outfit has a girly flair with an edgy style to it as well. The makeup has deep, rich tones  while the outfit mixes earthy floral, dark colors, and rustic jewelry to give a romantic but fierce look.  Add your fave leggings or jeans & don't forget some dark booties to top it all off. 

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Every girl has those shoes that go with anything & these are a stunning pair! Super classy & WOW can you do a whole lot with them! Add them to a girly look and they'll go perfectly with nude/pink tones. Plus, they feature a little hardware that will make a statement & steal the show. Make it edgy by adding it to a darker look, deeper toned makeup with a pop of color on the lip & these studded beauties will rock on. Dress them up, keep it casual, wear them out for a night out or rock them at work & be the envy of all your coworkers. You'll hear "Oh my word, where did you get those?" all day. You're welcome. 

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Bombshells... it's COLD outside, but that doesn't mean you can't still look FABULOUS! We added a FUN cable knit sweater with sassy belle sleeves to this COZY black fur vest. Don't forget your fave jeans & boots or booties ladies for the PERFECT look!! This look is CLASSY, cute & will totally keep you nice & warm! Mixing textures is what winter goods are all about. The possibilities & styles are endless for how different you can style this look. Total. Boss. Babe. Flair. 

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We just can't ladies. This look is PERFECTION. The perfect mix & something we think every Boss Babe needs in their life!! Like we said, this cable knit sweater is a YES for us this season & we can't get enough of tassel earrings. Paired together these create a soft and timeless style. Nei's makeup features a bold, red lip totally that beautifully completes this look. Classy, timeless, beautiful, bold... it's the stuff boss babes are made of. 

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So Boss Babes.. remember this: You work hard, you do a lot.... and looking FABULOUS & fierce is an added bonus to what you do!! Keep taking names, reaching goals & inspiring those around you. 


  • Posted by Vivian Stewart Juarez on

    Absolutely love this blog
    Kuddos to the writer, word choices are spot on and motivating
    Keep up the beautiful work ladies

  • Posted by Carrie Duncan on

    Where can I buy that floral cardigan

  • Posted by Kelsey Aldrich on

    Love this blog!

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