Cucumber Craze Dry-Apply Shave Gel - BTY364

Cucumber Craze Dry-Apply Shave Gel - BTY364

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Say goodbye to naked yoga in the shower with razor blades. THIS is a true dry shave innovation - DRY SHAVE GEL

DO NOT APPLY IN THE SHOWER!! This is not a soap! This clear, no-lather, no-rinse shave technology will elevate your shaving game and give you a better faster shave WITHOUT WATER. Break out of the bathroom and shave anytime, anywhere.

How to use...

1. Apply a generous layer evenly to DRY SKIN
It’s a clear gel applied like a lotion. So be sure you cover the whole area to be shaved. If you feel friction, apply more. Layering won’t cause irritation and feels amazing.

2. SHAVE AS USUAL where applied
Works with ANY razor and it’s ok if it dries, just keep going. Even works with ELECTRIC razors - just be sure to let it dry completely before using so it won’t gum up the works.

3. WIPE RAZOR on cloth or SWIRL in a cup of water to remove debris
For a “wet” shave experience swirl razor in water. A little bit of water will re-activate the surface layer which can be useful on knees and ankles - but be careful! Too much water will rinse away the magic.

4. DO NOT RINSE. Rub in excess and GO!
Remember, don’t rinse, just rub! Apply more as an after-shave for SUPER soft skin. It also doubles as a lightweight moisturizer and sunburn soother.

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