Smooth AF Gift Set - BTY413

Smooth AF Gift Set - BTY413

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Treat yourself to a moment to get smooth af, and this time you can save yourself a trip to the salon. Just open up our super cool travel pack and select your method from the Smooth AF Gift Set!

24 ct No Mo-Stache Portable Facial Hair Removal Strips: Hypoallergenic wax strips to clean up the unwanted hair anywhere on your face. 

No Mo-Stache Facial Razor: Designed for sweeping up peach fuzz with derma-planing stainless steel blades.

No Mo-Stache Mini Tweezer Keychain: Needed for weeding out those pesky hairs that literally grew while you were blinking

No Mo-Bush Bikini Wax Body Strips: Hypoallergenic wax strips for cleaning up the hedges on your legs, bikini line, and arms.

 The No Mo-Unibrow Portable Brow Wax Kit: Hypoallergenic wax strips ready for you when the space in between your eyebrows started to disappear quicker than you thought

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Shipping & Returns Fast Shipping Secure Payment