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I love this quote because really, when you have good basics, what can go wrong? All of our beautiful Soul Sisters know how to use our basics to their advantage in their entire wardrobe. They also know how to take our basics and use them as tools to spice up their next great outfit. Truth be told, this is something I didn't always know how to do. Camis were for wearing only underneath things, not as a shirt. Black dresses were supposed to be left alone. Jeans were for casual Friday at work and they were definitely not acceptable at church. Times are changing, that is one thing we can all be sure of. Not just our technology and society, but our fashion as well. Going back to your foundation and making sure it's firm is a staple to just about anything in life. Let's talk clothing basics...which includes new arrivals at TFTS!


Sydney and Abbie are rocking our camis and caged front camis in the most popular way in these photos...under one of our FAB kimonos! But a a shirt?! Yes, ladies, anyone and everyone can do it. People will be asking how they can get their hands on your outfit because of the confidence you bring to it. I never thought I would be going anywhere walking around in a cami, jeans, and a kimono but it's one of my favorite outfits now! If you're not quite comfortable with that yet but still want to get your hands on our ever-popular caged camis, snag them while you can! They fly off our shelves because our Soul Sisters wear them in so many ways. Under shirts, under dresses, etc.!


Back in the day, leggings were not known as pants. Honestly, I don't know when leggings emerged, nor who was the one to get all the judgement when they first wore them as pants. As I'm writing this, I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of leggings as pants! Whether you're wearing them as pants or underneath a gorgeous tunic from TFTS, comfort will always be on your side! Browse our selection to see all of our available patterns, colors, and styles!


EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it! TFTS has multiple styles of undergarments to choose from! Sophisticated lace or the simplicity of a basic bandeau, we've got you covered! Open back top? We've got a racerback, lace bralette for that! Low cut top that you want to dress up? We've got a high neck, lace bralette for that! Browse our styles after picking up your latest outfit to see what basic in this category is best for you!


Lounging around or under a dress for a little more modesty, our new biker shorts are your new best friend!


Comfort is one of our main priorities here at TFTS. We want every person that wears our clothing to look and feel fabulous, because they are! Dress extenders bring a level of comfort that the Soul Sisters adore! Add an extender to make a tunic the perfect length to transform into a dress. Add an extender to make a short dress you're not comfortable wearing your next new favorite!

If you're new to Tee for the Soul or have been with us for a while, but you're seeing that your foundation has some cracks, here is my list of clothing pieces that are must haves from TFTS!


For obvious reasons, every girl needs a pair of jeans she trusts. Our jeans are top quality, stretchy, and only $49.99!


"Cool Topic" is available in FIVE great colors. This tee is basic, but the criss cross brings some dimension that a v-neck tee can't. These tees are great to have becase they can be worn alone, or underneath a kimono!


Your next favorite clothing item will be "Rather Be With You." It offers FIVE, stunning colors to choose from and layer with and a length everyone can pull off.


  • Posted by Neva Shone on

    Do you not carry the seemless Cami in extended sized? 2 or 3 X

  • Posted by Beverly Willingham on

    Do you ever have sales on 1XL, 2XL and 3XL like the small med. sale like you did this morning?

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