New Year, New You

It's a NEW year and hopefully a NEW version of who you want to be! I've got my 2019 resolutions list and boy, is it a long one! Want to hear the one thing on my list that I think everyone should have on theirs? Be the you that other people see and they're like... "That girl or guy is being the truest version of themselves". How do you express yourself? Mine is through my style in how I dress and style my makeup/hair. Here are a few looks I'm ready to wear in 2019 that are going to make me feel like the best version of myself!


First things first, this color block sweater is one of my faves. It's chenille (which I know is everyone's fave), a little chunky, and those colors are making me smile! Such a sultry look with little to no effort. You can put this one at the top of my list.

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If this doesn't exude happiness, I don't know what will! Another fun color blocked sweater and these colors are insane! Growing up my mom always sang the "When you're smilin' song"... (Which I'm pretty sure she made up) anytime I was upset or needed a little smile on my face. I'm pretty sure this sweater can take its place, I have a hard time NOT smiling when I've got this one on. I just love it.

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Let's go back to the whole New Year's Resolution's thing. Be you! This sweater is just that for me. It's chenille, ribbed and has all the pretty details that we all long for in our favorite sweaters! Wear this with confidence and you're sure to be able to take on whatever this year throws at you. I'm sure of it. (but c'mon, that green?!)

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Okay so this one is called "A Fierce Winter" and to be honest, there is for sure something fierce about this one. Bring on a fierce year, a fierce attitude. Don't let people or things stand in the way of what you want to accomplish in 2019. I can't help but notice how standout this one will be with a confident smile.

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Let's have "Something in Common"... let's make 2019 great. Let's put things on our resolution's list that we know we can accomplish with a little hard work. They always say to put things on your list like you have all the possibilities in the world. I see what they're trying to do but sometimes when you do that, it makes it a little unrealistic and we're not trying to get our hopes up when we know some things can't be done. BUT be confident in yourself this year and 2019 will be one for the books. So, what is the New You going to bring in the New Year? 

See you next time, B <3


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    where are the black and white striped shirts in the last pic that the girls are wearing?

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