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Probably my most favorite thing this winter is chenille sweaters. I love the feel, I love the look, and I love the thickness. It's something that looks so nice that doesn't take much effort at all. You literally just have to put it on and go. It's a want AND a need this winter that we're all shopping for. It's like when you buy a car and then you start seeing the same make and model everywhere you go. At least the price tag is much more affordable.


These chenille cardigans are the cutest things right now. The length is on point and both of these colors are brilliant. You can wear these with just about any color. They hit the mark! 

Grab these here.


Alright, let's get a little fun for a minute. This sweater is my all-time favorite boxy yet sophisticated sweater ever. The colors compliment each other so well and the muted tones are on point. This would be so cute tucked into some high waisted jeans topped off with a cute pair of booties. 

Shop this one here

Oh my lanta! I've got the biggest googly eyes over this sweet sweater! It's so fun with colors, I mean, C'mon! That bright crimson is so BOLD, I don't know what to do. I love how this has the petite little stripes in this too, It's flattering yet so comfortable. 

Get it here.


I can't gather my words to explain how much I love these. Every box is checked off with this one. The cowl neck, high-low detail, and chenille... yes, please! Not to mention both of these color options are killing me! Sage and rust?! How will I ever choose?!

Shop them here.


Oh, girl! SO fierce!!! I can't help but have heart eyes over these sweaters. I love having the option to wear this one off the shoulder or keep it up. With the wider neckline, you really do have possibilities. Sydney is rocking that green. I'm pretty sure I might need this one too! 

Check it out here.


Alright, alright... I don't think it's any surprise how much I LOVE this one BUT I think by now you can gather just how much love I have for all things Chenille. Honestly, I'm pretty sure we're all really into it. Just like this pic, it truly makes us happy. At least for Sydney and I! 

See you next time, B <3


  • Posted by Elizabeth Pineda on

    I bought black amuse me jeans and are size 15 (what I usually buy) but these are very tight. I still have tags on them but I threw paperwork away. I just got them on Thursday.
    Please I want the same jeans but one size bigger.
    Thank you

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