Jeggings Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Who doesn't L-O-V-E looking CUTE, totally put together, but also wanting to feel comfy?! Girl, all those are possible and I want to introduce you to our JEGGINGS. They are my best friend and I'm pretty sure they'll be yours!!

 Life's A Little Easier "In My Comfort Zone

<3 These jeggings are super simple and can be dressed up or made to look super effortless. They're so comfortable and SO fun! 

You'll be "Under The Impression" that these are the CUTEST jeggings ever.

Edgy. Fun. Adorable. These are a MUST. 

"Distressed & Impressed" is a FUN mix of edgy and girly but don't forget STYLISH!! 

Our Denim jeggings will seriously CHANGE your life. I have 5-7 pairs of them, I like to say I have a pair for each day of the week (I might have a small addiction). The best part is that they look like jeans but have the comfort level of leggings but you're still making a STATEMENT!

  Here's a Jegging Guide 

So here's the deal, jeggings can be a taboo item to some people. They might: 
1) worry they could be too thin or see-through
2) question if they can be worn as pants 
3) wonder if they are only appropriate for certain sizes.

So let's put to rest some of those concerns:
1) Our jeggings are NOT see through. You'll feel fully covered  
2) Yes, they can be worn as pants and they may not need to be paired with a longer top or tunic. If you pair darker colors with your jeggings you can pull them off as pants. Sometimes Illusion is key! Now there are times that lighter colored jeggings can accentuate trouble areas BUT just try them with a longer top or tunic. Don’t let that scare you away from those lighter colors, ROCK IT girl!! You’ll look spring and summer ready!

3) EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE A GOOD PAIR OF JEGGINGS! We have a wide variety available for all sizes. Depending on height and size you might need to adjust how you wear them but they look incredible on just about everyone! All our TFTS employees range from a size 2 to 20 and they all look fabulous in them.  <3 They’re comfy and can be styled for a more dressy look to a more casual look.

4) Personally, I LOVE how different I can style my. I have a distressed pair, dark wash, and a light wash pair. You can keep it casual with a graphic tee, sneakers and a cute hat. OR you could put on a stylish top, a fun clutch and throw on some booties for a flawless date-night outfit. There are SO many ways to rock your jeggings but dont forget to make it YOUR style. 

Own it. Rock it. Look FAB while being super relaxed. 

Just remember, YOU Are The Model.



a Jeggings fanatic. 

***What do you LOVE about our jeggings? What are your concerns? Do these tips help? We want to know ***


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