Bring The Spring

Bring The Spring

Spring is in the air! We are LOVING all the new trends this season, so hang with me a minute and let's go over some of our FAVES! These pieces can be styled many different ways, so let's get started!

1. ALL the jewelry. 

Tassels, beads, and leather cords are so in right now. Don't forget about muted colors like olive green, different shades of brown and even pops of blue... they are all the rave this spring. You can literally style them with anything... take a basic top and dress it up or add them to a cute dress. The possibilities are endless. 


Need to make a statement?! Our leather earrings have all the right things going on. REAL TALK: You NEED them in your wardrobe. Like, yesterday. They're trendy, lightweight and super FASHIONABLE. The possibilities are endless, just check them out on our website! Throw them on with a basic and go or dress up your outfit for a fun night out. We want you to look FAB and rock it GIRL. 


It's no secret we love the tassel look. As you know, tassels look great on chunky necklaces but they look flawless on the daintier ones too! Let's talk about STONES... They can add something really special to a wardrobe. It can take your cute outfit and turn it in to something really classy. We want you to keep people guessing so make sure you have a good mixture of tassel, beads, and stones in your wardrobe.

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2. Let's talk KIMONOS. 

Do you ever feel like your outfits are just blah? Ladies, throw on a kimono and get ready for HELLO FABULOUS. Kimonos can bring a fresh new look or a flair of style to whatever you're wearing. They're perfect for pairing with basics, graphic tees, and solid prints... but don't forget to layer it up with jewelry!

We may be a bit biased but our kimonos are my personal favorites. They're stylish, fun, and perfect for all sizes! We've got anywhere from floral to cheetah and all the way to solids. Let's not forget about you "duster" lovers, we've got you covered! 

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3.Y'all, it is A-OKAY to be basic, It's always a good idea to keep something basic and simple in your wardrobe, we aren't complaining..  


Solids or "basics" as we like to call them are a MUST in every woman's wardrobe. Why? You can do so much with them! Keep it casual or dress them up. You can layer on the jewelry; Take it edgy or keep it girly... they can be super versatile. We can't stop obsessing over our comfy v-neck basics. 

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4. Pineapples, graphic tees and all things spring, OH MY! 

Okay... Take a deep breath. YES ladies, this outfit is on our website but stay with me a sec. Let's talk a bit about each piece!! 

We love graphic tees.. they're so in right now and SO fun!! Pineapples are back and more STYLISH than ever before. You're going to want to pair it with our super cute fringe shorts <3 

Our shorts are a lot like our jeans... they fit great, they're super stretchy, comfy and adorable. We have so many options to choose from when it comes to shorts. You won't want to miss out! 

Let's talk about the jewelry again, let's stack it up! It's all about layering this season. It's time to SASS it up, stack those bad boys and don't get nervous about making a STATEMENT!

So, who's happy it's sandal weather again? All hands are raised here... we are SO happy! These sandals are a MUST. 

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That's just a few spring looks we are OBSESSED with, what are YOU obsessing over this season? Let us know!

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