March Madness

I can not believe that it is already March. 2019 is passing right on by without giving us a heads up. I've got to tell you though, March is kickin' up the heat with all the fabulous clothes coming out. I'll try not to be too mean and show you stuff that is already released or coming soon. Don't miss out, they're going to sell quick! 


Oh my goodness! This jumper is calling my name! March is one of those months that makes you go weather mad! It's either hot or cold, no in between. So if it's a little chilly one day just throw a cute kimono or cardigan on over, and you're set!

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GREEN!! Need I say more?! Talk about St. Patty's day ready! But did you know, you can wear green every other day in the year too? LOL! Seriously, though this green is electric and will be sure to get questions!

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Oh my goodness! I'm in a blush denim heaven! This distressed denim jacket is killing the game! This one sells itself, I mean you can literally wear this every day! How will you style it?

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Alright, calm down! This lovely lavender knotted kimono isn't messing around! Such a perfect little twist (see what I did there) on something so basic. Throw your favorite graphic tee on or just a cute cami and you're set! 

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So I don't know about you but I'm going mad over all these fabulous March styles so far. Literally everything I see I instantly want. I just can't help it! Make sure you start shopping and if you see something you want, you better get it. These styles are selling FAST!

See you next time, B <3


  • Posted by Shawna Start on

    I miss seeing the videos!!!
    I need to order some clothing items for my vacation coming up.

  • Posted by Geneva West on

    I love all your style of clothes. Love watching you live. I just joined the groupies page. Thank you for bringing such awesome items.. I absolutely love everything on your site. Sincerely Geneva West.
    TFTS Member
    TFTS Groupie

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