Summer Essentials at TFTS!

On the beach, on a boat, at the pool...with so many of our sisters in so many different places this summer, it's time to talk summer styles for everyone! No matter where you're spending the majority of your time this summer, TFTS is sure to have your wardrobe in tip-top shape! Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses and let's talk summer fashion.

I played softball for 14 years, so many of my summers were spent at a softball field in a softball uniform. I wasn't too concerned with looking cute because I didn't need to. I think this makes me all the more excited to get ready for one of my favorite seasons! At Tee for the Soul, we have EVERYTHING you need for the summer, some of the items may even surprise you!

When the temperatures ramp up and the humidity is at all-time high, my go-to clothing item is a great pair of jean shorts. I am so excited that TFTS's great denim selection does not stop at regular length jeans. Whether you're a fan of shorter shorts, or prefer Bermuda length...TFTS has you covered! Shop all of our jean shorts and find your true love here.

My next go-to when I want to have a snow cone in my hand is a tank top! Nothing screams summer quite like a tank top. No worries though, if you prefer not to show your arms, TFTS has your back!

"Keep it Cool" is the perfect, flowy, summer tank top! A beautiful crochet front and a small keyhole back make this a stunner for the summer! Did I mention this top comes in SEVEN colors?! What color will you snag?

For the ladies that prefer not to show their arms, I did not forget about you! These new tops have a detailed cage front top and a flowy bodice! "Can You Top This" comes in TWELVE different colors! I don't think you thought I could top eight...;)

Sometimes, summer nights can catch us all off guard and get a bit chilly...especially when the wind comes sweeping down the plains here in central Oklahoma! Our NEW sheer kimonos, "Sheer Dreams," is the perfect addition to any outfit to have you comfortable in anything mother nature throws at you! Sorry to disappoint, but these only come in THREE colors...;)

Let's Talk Accessories, Ladies!

First on the list...SHOES! Whoever says you don't need any more shoes is wrong. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. :P

To spare all of us a little time, I am only going to include a sample of the sandals we have at TFTS...but, click here and you can browse ALL of our sandals to grab the one you love for this summer!

We want to make sure you are stress-free for this summer! We've got everything for you...but you'll have to buy your own sunscreen!

I've actually never personally worn a big floppy hat but I know I'm going to grab one for this summer (and for my honeymoon in September!) They are absolutely adorable and great for protecting those beautiful faces from the sun! We've got some great options, including this one here, but you can pick your favorite here!

HOW CUTE?! And just so happens to match that floppy hat...:)

Everyone needs a sturdy, waterproof bag to put all of the essentials in (snacks.) Pick this one up or look through a few more beach bags we have here.

Most of us don't want everything in their beach bag to get wet. The way I go to the beach or pool is with everything in it's own makeup style bag to ensure it stays (mostly) dry! These can also double as a swimsuit bag to throw that soaking wet suit in after a long day at the pool or beach. TFTS has some great options this season, including this tropical cutie! Snag your favorite here.

"Morgan, what is this circular round thing I see?!"

Ladies, you are looking at a beach towel. That's right! I told you some of the items might surprise you, didn't I!? These cuties are PERFECT for a day by the pool or on the beach. Plus, they're not just your typical rectangular towel. I love mine because it is big enough for my whole body so I can lay out if I want, but it is that great terry cloth material so I can use it to dry off! This pattern is everything to me but you can browse all of our towels here.

I think I've saved the best for last...Tee for the Soul is officially summer ready.. and when your package arrives with this in it, you will be too! We've added SWIMSUIT COVERS!! Brand new to us, with a great old fashioned favorite...lace! They are available in black and white so it's up to YOU to choose which one is going to go best with your swimsuit of choice this summer!

Not sure what you need or want to browse it all at once? Click here!

Stay sassy (and have a FUN and SAFE summer!!),

XOXO Morgan



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    Do you still have play it cool 2x $44? Don’t see on site

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