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Waffle Baby

Two things I love. Waffles and Waffle knit tops! See what I did there? But in all seriousness, waffle knit has become one of my favorite textures and one thing I love on a shirt. The other thing I love is when we get it in and it's mixed with other textures, it's almost like it keeps you guessing. 


Okay so let's start out with one of my new favorites. This cute top was just released and it's so fun with this color and those sleeves are just adding to it! Transition this one into spring or wear it any time of the year and you're good. How fun is this one?!

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You won't find this "Modern Romance" anywhere else. How sweet is this top? It's got the perfect knot detail and the fun flowy sleeves. This gray almost gives off a blue hue too, I love a top that keeps you guessing!

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So this has the awesome waffle knit BUT just look at those sleeves!! They are bright and colorful and everything good with this top. I'd say wear this all year round but you already knew that! 

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I promise you, there's "Not a Care in the World" that I have and this top proves it. I have a few favorite things about this one starting with the sleeves all the way around. I couldn't have picked better colors for this one. Wear this one with some dark wash jeans or some fun bell bottoms and you'll draw the eyes to you. 

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There's nothing classic but a perfect black and leopard sleeved top. It's perfect to dress up or to dress down. Get you a top that can do both and sweetie this one does them both perfectly!

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We're all living for those "Unforgettable Moments" and to be honest we need to be dressed for it too. Life is to short to wear something you aren't crazy about. I'm ready for all the colors of spring and all the textures that I can carry into it. So, waffle baby and then waffle some more!

See you next time, B <3

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