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Turquoise/Silver Layered Beaded Cord Necklace - NEK4215TUTurquoise/Silver Layered Beaded Cord Necklace - NEK4215TU
Black/Silver/Brown Multi-Layer Beaded/Cord Necklace - NEK4208BKBlack/Silver/Brown Multi-Layer Beaded/Cord Necklace - NEK4208BK
Brown/Gold Printed Statement Necklace - NEK4207BRBrown/Gold Printed Statement Necklace - NEK4207BR
Opalescence/Silver Pendant Bowtie Necklace - NEK4184OPEOpalescence/Silver Pendant Bowtie Necklace - NEK4184OPE
Silver/Black Chain Link Glass Pendant Necklace - NEK4182BKSilver/Black Chain Link Glass Pendant Necklace - NEK4182BK
Green/Red/Silver Pompom/Christmas Bell Necklace - NEK4159GNGreen/Red/Silver Pompom/Christmas Bell Necklace - NEK4159GN
Multi Color Christmas Pompom Necklace - NEK4158MUMulti Color Christmas Pompom Necklace - NEK4158MU
Black Hexagon Acrylic Pendant Necklace - NEK4148BKBlack Hexagon Acrylic Pendant Necklace - NEK4148BK
Green/Pink/Clear Round Disk Pendant Necklace - NEK4134GNGreen/Pink/Clear Round Disk Pendant Necklace - NEK4134GN
Wine Arch Beaded Pendant Necklace - NEK4117WNWine Arch Beaded Pendant Necklace - NEK4117WN
Gold/Pink Chain/Acrylic Link Necklace - NEK4088GOGold/Pink Chain/Acrylic Link Necklace - NEK4088GO
Silver/Turquoise Cross Pendant Necklace - NEK4057SISilver/Turquoise Cross Pendant Necklace - NEK4057SI
Gold/Black/Cowhide Arch Pendant Necklace - NEK4042GOGold/Black/Cowhide Arch Pendant Necklace - NEK4042GO
Silver/Royal Blue/Beaded/Open Circle/Drop Charm Necklace - NEK4034SISilver/Royal Blue/Beaded/Open Circle/Drop Charm Necklace - NEK4034SI
Gold/Yellow/Green/White/Hexagon Charm/Clay Arch Pendant Necklace - NEK4023GOGold/Yellow/Green/White/Hexagon Charm/Clay Arch Pendant Necklace - NEK4023GO
White/Gray/Gold/Marble Stone/Triangle Pendant Necklace - NEK3955WHWhite/Gray/Gold/Marble Stone/Triangle Pendant Necklace - NEK3955WH
Red/Black/Layered/Beaded/Painted Teardrop Shell Necklace - NEK3952RDRed/Black/Layered/Beaded/Painted Teardrop Shell Necklace - NEK3952RD
Mustard/Black/Layered/Beaded/Painted Teardrop Shell Necklace - NEK3951MUMustard/Black/Layered/Beaded/Painted Teardrop Shell Necklace - NEK3951MU
Black/Natural/Burnt Gold/Chain Linked/Layered/Wood Disk Necklace - NEK3944NABlack/Natural/Burnt Gold/Chain Linked/Layered/Wood Disk Necklace - NEK3944NA
Silver/Brown/Beaded/Cross Charm Long Strand Necklace - NEK3942SISilver/Brown/Beaded/Cross Charm Long Strand Necklace - NEK3942SI
Black/Silver/Feather/Beaded/Leaf Charm Choker Necklace - NEK3937SIBlack/Silver/Feather/Beaded/Leaf Charm Choker Necklace - NEK3937SI
Red/White/Blue/American Flag/Star Pendant Necklace - NEK3908WHRed/White/Blue/American Flag/Star Pendant Necklace - NEK3908WH
Silver/Red/Gold/Layered/Resin Circle Pendant Necklace - NEK3903RDSilver/Red/Gold/Layered/Resin Circle Pendant Necklace - NEK3903RD
Burgundy/White/Multi Color Choker Necklace - NEK3897BUBurgundy/White/Multi Color Choker Necklace - NEK3897BU
Gold/Pearl/Chain Linked Letter Necklace - NEK3895GOGold/Pearl/Chain Linked Letter Necklace - NEK3895GO
Gold/Chain Linked/'Babe' Necklace - NEK3888GOGold/Chain Linked/'Babe' Necklace - NEK3888GO
Red/Gray Beaded/Marble Stone Pendant/Choker Necklace - NEK3881RDRed/Gray Beaded/Marble Stone Pendant/Choker Necklace - NEK3881RD
Gold/Turquoise/Red/Beaded/Flower/Cross Necklace - NEK3871GOGold/Turquoise/Red/Beaded/Flower/Cross Necklace - NEK3871GO
Silver/Turquoise/Blue/Beaded/Flower/Cross Necklace - NEK3870TSISilver/Turquoise/Blue/Beaded/Flower/Cross Necklace - NEK3870TSI
Brown/Red/Silver/Suede/Oval/Marble Stone Pendant Necklace - NEK3837BRBrown/Red/Silver/Suede/Oval/Marble Stone Pendant Necklace - NEK3837BR
Gold/Silver Filigree/Leather Tassel/Fan Pendant Necklace - NEK3799SIGold/Silver Filigree/Leather Tassel/Fan Pendant Necklace - NEK3799SI
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Yellow/Ivory/Gold Layered/Glass Beaded Necklace - NEK3788YWYellow/Ivory/Gold Layered/Glass Beaded Necklace - NEK3788YW
Yellow/Ivory/Gold Layered/Glass Beaded Necklace - NEK3788YW
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Black/White Pattern Resin Disk Necklace - NEK3754BKBlack/White Pattern Resin Disk Necklace - NEK3754BK
Gold/Ivory Marble/Stone Pendant Necklace - NEK3750GOGold/Ivory Marble/Stone Pendant Necklace - NEK3750GO
Ivory/Silver Teardrop Pendant/Beaded Necklace - NEK3641IVIvory/Silver Teardrop Pendant/Beaded Necklace - NEK3641IV
Teal/Gold Slab Statement Necklace - NEK3554TETeal/Gold Slab Statement Necklace - NEK3554TE
Bronze/Crystal Oval Pedant Necklace - NEK3507BZBronze/Crystal Oval Pedant Necklace - NEK3507BZ
Gold/Brown Textured Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace - NEK3471GOGold/Brown Textured Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace - NEK3471GO
Brown Marble Beaded/Ivory Star Tassel On Platinum Chain Necklace - NEK3444BRBrown Marble Beaded/Ivory Star Tassel On Platinum Chain Necklace - NEK3444BR
Silver/Bronze Chain/Crystal/Jasper Teardrop Pendant Necklace - NEK3441SISilver/Bronze Chain/Crystal/Jasper Teardrop Pendant Necklace - NEK3441SI
Black Feather Fringe/Gold Chain Necklace - NEK3066BKBlack Feather Fringe/Gold Chain Necklace - NEK3066BK
Gold Disc With Fringe/Feather Tassel On Gold Chain Necklace - NEK2807GOGold Disc With Fringe/Feather Tassel On Gold Chain Necklace - NEK2807GO