Go Home or Go Bold

So maybe don't go home but seriously... go BOLD! Give me all the patterns because I am living for them right now. It's the one sure thing that I feel like my wardrobe can't live without. A rule of fashion that I think everyone used to live by a long time ago was no pattern mixing. Well now, that can't be further from the truth. Seriously, it's the best and makes it so much more fun! 

Praise the Lord for a dress like this. If this isn't bold, I don't know what would be. Something that I love without a doubt is how fabulous patterns look when you have one of the same pattern but different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. This has the right amount of boho and color to it, you're sure to fall in love with this one. 

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Snakeskin. This pattern is so hot and trendy right now, I want it on just about everything. I can't help but stare at it when I see it and dream about it when I can't have it. There's something just a little classy about it, I'm digging it. If you want to go bold, this is the sure way to do it!

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I promise you, stripes will never go out of season or out of style, which makes them that much better. This button-down top is so over-sized, you're going to remember why you loved wearing your dad's old t-shirts when you were a little girl. I'll take both colors, please. 

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Alright, clearly I love stripes but this top. Oh. My. Goodness. Everything is perfect about it. I can't stand it. The color, the stripes, the variety, I want to live in this one. It's the perfect casual tee or dress it up with some dark jeans and some booties, it really has it all. 

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This top definitely says BOLD. Thank you! There's not a better feeling than when your favorite top comes in two amazing colors... except for when you think you need both (LOL). This cobalt blue is so unique and a breath of fresh air. You'll be sure to turn heads, girl!

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I could go on and on about being BOLD with your wardrobe and to wear all the patterns you can but I have to say, nothing says bold like a good leopard print top. What kind of bold pieces are in your closet or wish you had?! 

See you next time, B



  • Posted by Geneva West on

    I absolutely love bold! I’d love to have Leopard print, and snake print pieces in my closet!
    I really love pretty much anything from Tee for the Soul! SOUL2VIP I’m definitely a
    Tee for the Souls Groupie! 💖💖💖💖
    Sincerely Geneva West

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